Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Benzene Exposure

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Myelodysplastic Syndromes Causes and Prognosis

  • MDS has a few causes.  One of them is exposure to industrial toxins such as Benzene.  Some others are chemotherapy and inherited genes that increase the risk of getting MDS.
    Were You exposed to Benzene?  Maybe in the Petroleum, Railroad, Painting or Printing Industry? (It's NOT just these jobs, but these are some of the common ones we see)
  • MDS is also called Pre-Leukemia because in about 30% of cases it can develop into AML (Acute Myleogenous Leukemia)
  • The Prognosis or survival rate for MDS varies with each person of course.  Generally, the more severe the disease then the lower the survival rate.  All of the research we have looked at indicates that survival is generally measured in years.  Of course, it should be said that you should discuss this with your doctor. He or she will have much better information on that.
  • If think that you have been exposed to Benzene in some form, then you very likely have a claim for damages and should find out if you qualify for a case.
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